Monday, June 10, 2013


Back in July of 2011 I posted a copy of George Orwell's movie 1984. I went back and looked at the article and discovered that I added because our Congress was providing entertain debate about the debt ceiling and the administration was full of double speak and threats about the future. With the revelations of our lack of privacy and the confirmation by Edward Snowden of all of the statements made by William Binney, in "The Program", I feel like it is probably time to give readers another shot at the brilliance of Orwell and his uncanny ability to see where things were going 60 years into the future.

I will leave you with these thoughts and questions from the movie.

Ignorance is strength!

The party gives them exactly what they want.

How do you know what exists?

I encourage you to watch it.  How Orwell would have ever imagined the things he did when writing it is amazing.  I am awed by the idea of the screen in every home and building monitoring every action.  It is very much like today as your Xbox with Kinect "hears" what you say, your phone reports your every location, your emails contain every thought, and each search is recorded to provide a profile of your innermost desires and thoughts.


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