Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I wanted to extend my deepest and most sincere blessings to you and your family this Christmas.  I pray that you are blessed and that this year-end time brings you closer to God who through His son, Jesus brought salvation to all that desire it.

I pray that readers gain a real relationship with, rather than an intellectual understanding of their Savior.

I began preparing for the year-end wrap up yesterday and as I reflected on the blog I couldn't help realize what a hard year this was for me personally due to family illness issues and professionally thanks to the Fed and also President Obama's healthcare law.  I have grown up a lot this year and have had so many great opportunities to make hard choices.  Fortunately, I was able to make many of them correctly, but could not have done it without input from God, family, friends, and physicians.  I am very blessed.

As I'm typing this Christmas morning and my family is taking a break in their present opening, I wanted to wish you so many great blessings this year.  Know that I am praying for each of my clients (I do daily) and for the folks that stop by and read this blog.  

The coming year is going to be just as nutty I feel, thanks be to God that I have faith.  I've questioned so many times how bleak life would be without a belief that there is something more, something greater, and something for which there is a purpose.  How hard a life this would be without Jesus!  And thank God that those Mayans ran out of rocks!  Please look for a year-end wrap up and outlook for 2013 coming soon.  



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