Saturday, February 4, 2012


60 Minutes produced this video about our wonder government class and how they have been able to perform investment related acts that would land the rest of us in jail.  The work of 60 Minutes added to the investigations of others to finally push our corrupt representatives to make laws that prohibit what is really insider trading.  Last week, the Senate passed a bill to make illegal these acts by members of the elected class and their aides and Congress says they will pass their own version next week.

I applaud these measures, but one has to ask why it took so long?  It reinforces the notion that we absolutely need term limits and I would suggest that a maximum term amount would be two.  Professional politicians have run our country right into the ground while they find "legal" ways to profit from the system.

They disgust me (elected officials from top to bottom) and unfortunately the more I see and hear about our government.   I believe we no longer hold the high ground in comparison with backward banana republics, except in the fact that we are becoming more backward and we are a heck of a lot bigger.

Enjoy the video.  While I personally am astonished to have posted two videos in the Theater Of The Mountain Top from some of the most liberal sources over the last couple of days, you've got to get them where you find them!


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