Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Please watch this 4 minute video that highlights the problems that the Eurozone is facing.  Every day that I consider the situation I am still in awe of how the leaders of these countries will destroy their own nations to preserve a broken system and a stack of lies. 

It takes a courageous man or woman to stand up to institutionalized fixtures and fight for what is right and just, especially when it might create short term pain.  Unfortunately there are no courageous men or women in Europe or the US to make this kind of stand.  This thought is only reinforced when we look at the Penn State situation.  In the US we exalt football to the level of religion.  We hear that it is a man's game and rite of passage where leaders are made and it is where the our nation finds its heros.  Yet, even on this battleground of excellence we find silent men that follow procedures instead of doing the right thing.

I'm sure the FED and IMF will attempt to ride to the rescue of Italy and the Eurozone this week, but we all know that it won't help in the long run and by the assessment of the video, it won't help at all next year.


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