Saturday, September 25, 2010


President Obama speaks out against Ahmadinejad's comments at the UN.

I believe that our President is finally acting appropriately when examining issues with Iran's nut job leader.  Obama condemned the remarks made by Ahmadinejad that stated that the 9/11 attacks were planned to save Israel and boost the US economy.  President Obama said these comments were offensive......ooooooh!  Now he is talking tough.

As many of you know, I believe that Obama and his advisors have lived in a world that is naive and simply childish.  They continue to rely on hope that all the world's people want the best for everyone and while there are differences we can just all get along.  This is a real view they attempted to bring to the diplomatic table in the first year of Obama's presidency.  That we could extend a hand to "Imadinnerjacket" that he'd play nice and drop all aggression toward Israel and the US. 

What Obama never understood (and probably still doesn't) is that there are purely evil people in the world that care about nothing other than power and destroying those they hate.  Kim Jong Il of North Korea is one of these.  He lives like he is an emperor while millions of those in his country starve to death literally in the streets.  He does not care a bit about the "success" of his people, they exist to serve and provide luxury for him.  Likewise, Iran's leadership is not concerned about the welfare of the people, they do not view their job to be one of representing their citizens interests.  These men have their own interests whether they are after regional power projection, religious zealousness, or simply gratification of some other desire.

Even in his comments yesterday, Obama extended the offer to Iran to allow them to have "peaceful" nuclear energy programs!!!  What a clown!  Like this whole effort for nuclear power has anything to do with electric power!  It has everything to do with the extension of power within the region and the destruction of those that Iran's leaders hate.

Ahmadinejad is the worst kind of adversary for Obama because no matter how nice and rational we are in extending offers to have them play nice, Iran will confound a world view that suggests that each player will make a trade or deal for the best interests of all those involved.  Iran's leadership is interested in a zero sum game where they win and we lose.  This is why allowing them to have nuclear (anything) is so dangerous.  Our experience with North Korea is similar.  Once they had a nuclear weapon, you can't do anything with them.  In fact North Korea immediately attempted to sell its technology to Iran, Syria, and whoever else we don't know.

Do I suggest the only road to dealing with Iran is a military confrontation?  No.  I believe isolating them and attempting to support a insurgency from within is the only way.  A direct attack on their leadership will actually galvanize their citizens to feel attacked and might even provoke a defense of their crazy leadership.  We will not have any success though as long as China and Russia continue to aid and support Iran.  I've posted that Russia is purposefully assisting them to poke a stick at us.  Without Russian and Chinese support, I believe that Iran would have already had a revolution as their people would have no choice but to rise up and throw off their leaders that cause terrible sanctions to be place on their back.

President Obama, I'm glad you are waking up.  Unfortunately you are soft and saying things like "those comments are offensive" will not change the situation and ultimately reveal how impotent you and your strategy of hope really is.