Friday, February 18, 2011


Here is a video I found on YouTube by a guy named Alexiscom1. It is interesting because he actually shows the impact of inflation on your currency in a realistic and meaningful way. In the first couple of minutes he really gets to the money shot which I quote below.

Alexiscom1 states -
"It reminds me of the Soviet Union in 1990s, where all fundamentals were for the collapse, but you couldn't actually see it because the mainstream media would convince you everything was fine -- and people hope, and wait, and do nothing..."

Sound familiar?  This goes really well with the post I made yesterday about Politics of Deception where the media is used to tell the story that we are to hear.

If you watch the entire 9 minutes of video you'll also find that Alexiscom1 underscores the need to prepare for the events in other ways than just financial preparation.  He implores you to store food and also learn new skills to enable you to deal with radical changes.

Good stuff, but I felt the quote was great and the overall message was spot on.