Thursday, November 4, 2010

SNAP DATA - AUGUST - More Families Join The Party

Once again we review the monthly (SNAP) Foodstamp Data from August.  We see no change in the trend as more of your neighbors slip on to the roles of those that are dependent in some way on our government handout machine.  As I look at these numbers and how they continue to increase, it is almost like there is some kind of party going on and its popularity just keeps on growing.

The highlights include;
42.4 Million receiving benefits which is a monthly gain of 1.3%.  So far year to date, we've managed to add 8.8% additional recipients.  Compared to last year the numbers show a 16.1% YOY gain in those participating.  Almost 20 million households are obtaining this assistance.

While this data is backward looking it is quite easy to see that there has been no let up in the trend of dependency creation and worsening conditions for Americans.  We currently have a bit more than 307,000,000 US Citizens, which indicates that more than 13.5% of all people in the US are able to obtain some type of subsidy for their food.

It is a good thing that CPI data suggests that there is no inflation because these folks would have a tough time in the face of rising costs for a "basket" of goods that reflect the cost of living! (HA!!)  Have you looked at the increases in prices for food, gas, oil, and anything else that is a real cost?  I am expecting more and more terrible data from this report in the coming months.