Friday, March 11, 2011


Just a quick note to all of you.  I experimented with placing the Amazon search box up right before Christmas just to see if there was a revenue generating angle for spending so much time on the blog.  As it would happen, I made $1.12 during the Christmas rush and have yet to receive my payment from Amazon.

Having said that, someone made a large order through the search box recently and I want to thank that person for doing so.  I think my take on that one transaction will be about $20!  So, now that I am experiencing internet-bubble top line and bottom line growth resulting from this new technology business I'm in.  I wanted to let you know that I've hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to consult with me about directions for the Goatmug Blog and how to further monetize it and bring it to full valuation.  As our growth trajectory is very similar to Facebook, I am sure we'll be discussing the appropriate time of the IPO soon. 

While I'm being a bit sarcastic here, it is neat to recieve any form of renumeration for simply writing about stuff that I love.  The blog has been in existance for almost two years now, so $10.50 a year in compensation puts me right up there with some of the citizens of countries that are rioting. 

I appreciate you reading and most of all commenting.  When you comment it tells me that I'm writing stuff that is entertaining and hopefully helpful.  If you do need to order something from Amazon, please consider using the search box to the top right of the page to start your search, at least someone you know will clip a percent or two off of the sale.