Saturday, August 10, 2013


I wanted to post copies of many of the charts I examine on a daily basis.  I found that there are just too many to post in one entry, so I'll blast them all out over the course of the next couple of days.  We'll look at other cyclical names, dividend payers, banks, and health insurers.  Simply drop by later this weekend.  We'll start with energy as it has been quite interesting of late.  If inflation and global growth is muted, why do we still have $105 oil?  Let's jump in.


Recent weakness is displayed in the last week, but up, up and away seems to be the overall trend.  The overhead resistance level is at $84.50, but this certainly could continue with this week's negative direction and go lower to the high $70's.


If $3.25 doesn't hold, it is bombs away to $2.75


There's a bunch going on in this chart, but if oil gets above $107 area, we could be talking about $150's.  We'll need some type of event in the Middle East.....lucky for us, the Middle East is calm and there are never any situations that boil over and cause tensions that impact the rest of the world.


Gas looks weak and supply data suggests that UGA will go lower.


Um, just fantastic.  With nice gains on the books and nat gas looking weak there might be a reason to sell with overall market weakness.  The aim would simply to reload and buy more on a pullback in the $58 area.


The COP-cousin just doesn't have the same mo-jo as it's close relative.  Higher oil prices and lower gasoline prices will hurt this guy and this is why the stock looks poor.


This has been one of my favorite charts to watch over the last 4 or 5 years.  Weakness here is seen in the chart and we could see a pretty significant plunge to the high 70's or lower.


Short.  I've hated this one for a long time, it seems like it won't be long till it rejoins its old channel much lower.


This is a MLP type investment closed end fund.  It is still within its upward channel and we may have an opportunity to see it test the lower limit.  If it bounces, buy.


Despite my many posts citing my dislike for CHK, the shedding of Aubrey McClendon seems to have been a very good thing for the stock.


My guess is that you'd call this a diamond pattern if I drew it correctly.  I'd have to guess that it ends up to $8.80.  This is another version of a closed-end fund for MLPs, but is more leveraged and has a poorer management from what I can tell.

Oil and gas have often times adhered to the sell in May and go away saying.  That would not have served you well here in the energy sector this year, but could August be the time to get out of dodge?  I believe we'll see lower prices in the equities and perhaps oil my go higher if the Middle East tensions do not abate.


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