Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As many readers know, I read as much as I can with the time I have. The economic crisis we have endured is not over and I feel strongly that we are in the grips of deflation even though our government and Federal Reserve would like you to believe we are on the back end of a recession.

Michael Shedlock or "MISH" is one blog I read almost every day and I happen to agree with him on his ideas of inflation and deflation and what we're in. In a recent post, I feel like he knocks the cover off the ball with a lengthy piece that describes what these words mean in the real world and where we're at right now.

Please take a few moments to read it!


Oh yes, and let me add a link to this post by Karl Denniger. - Click here and look at the performance of the USD and the S&P500. Absolutely inversely correlated. When the dollar stops going down, watch out. Until the dollar stops going down, everything else will melt up as we've been saying.