Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I was about to pen a post and prepare for the monthly update that will be completed in a couple of days and I noticed that the post titled Dropping Bread Crumbs was the blog's 300th post.  As I am getting back to my "normal" life since a recent family emergency it has been obvious that I have had trouble posting at all, much less every day as I have been doing for a couple of years.

The break in posting has made me aware how much a miss the opportunity to organize my thoughts and also how quickly the habit of good writing goes (I found about 4 typos in the last post that I corrected after previously proof-reading and posting!).  It is also pretty apparent how much of "me" comes out in this writing as I recently had one reader leave a comment that he enjoyed reading my rant on COLLEGE MADNESS, but he felt my thoughts were "too much Texas conservatism".  Ok, if that is criticism I guess I'll take it and not deny it.  I also find that I probably try to censor my thoughts and tailor them toward economic issues more than I should.  I guess I do this to focus the blog, but frankly all things ultimately come back to power and money, or has an impact on how we steward our money.

I am grateful that people continue to visit the site and read my thoughts, I hope that it is helpful to you in some aspect of your life.  I noticed that I am now seeing about 30 visits a day, way down from the highs of 115 visits a day, but what could I expect since I've hardly posted in two months?  With that, I'll wrap up and get back to the writing the Monthly Review as we are really in a critical spot and a Spanish implosion or a Chinese failure to invoke the spirit of inflation might just be the keys for another global economic swoon.  May is important this year and don't you forget it!

Other key stats from the blog -

Total Visits - 80,400
Most Read Story - 679 views - 12/15/2011 - Kyle Bass Newsletter
2nd Most Read - 652 views - 12/8/2010 - Who Can Argue With 43 Million?


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