Friday, September 3, 2010


I often shake my head and wonder what the nation has become.  I found this post by a British gentleman that absolutely captures my thoughts on the location of the NYC mosque near the 9/11/ attacks.  Yes, I know the site is 2 blocks away from the area.  Yes, I know there is a current mosque near there.  I personally feel that this location has been chosen to make a statement and we Americans are so cowed by political correctness and denial that we refuse to take a stand for anything worthwhile.

Perhaps I am focused on this issue because I remember 9/11/2001 so vividly.  On that day I was on a trading floor working as a fixed income analyst.  All of the sales guys I talked to each day were in New York and Chicago.  Many of our traders were speaking to other Wall Street employees right during the time the towers were hit.  I remember watching CNBC next to my desk and remarking to my co-workers on the desk that some crazy small plane had hit one of the towers.  (Remember how small the hole looked like at first).  Then we saw the second hit.  Fear and horror instantly grabbed us as as we understood that this was an intentional act.  Our Bloomberg machines kept spitting out more news that there were two more planes that were potentially hijacked and then we heard word about the attack on the Pentagon.  I remember how the markets panicked and how it seemed as though everything had changed in an instant.  I remember thinking that the sensitive infrastructure in the city I lived in might be targets on that terrible day.  I remember thinking "what kind of terrible world had I brought my daughter into?". 

This video is straight forward and is well done.  There is no doubt that European nations have been invaded from inside and are no longer the same.  There is no doubt that these countries embraced a liberal, inclusive view and it was turned against them.  You may not agree with me or this video, but you cannot deny that the choice for the location is NOT intended to bring harmony and healing to the country or New Yorkers.