Friday, September 28, 2012


Check out this awesome video that just makes you want to stand up in pride about the state of our nation.


I didn't start looking into this issue due to the "Obama" stuff, but mainly because I saw the "free phone" commercials on television and wanted to know more.  What is scary about the video is that it reveals an attitude of "get what you can, cause its free" and then goes on to reveal the category of eligible candidates ranging from Social Security, Disability, Welfare, and more.

I once did a post that discussed the notion that our government has created an entire generation of experts in welfare programs.  Essentially that many work harder maximizing their benefits and status as receivers of free stuff than they do in actually trying to get on their own.  I recalled the terrible situation in New Orleans where there were literally generations of families on the government dole.

"Rather than changing the system and educating the public there, we created a legion of benefit experts that could exploit all of the provisions of social security benefits, welfare benefits and all other types of assistance. 

In these tough time where many people are unemployed or underemployed and everyone including states and the government are pinching pennies, I'm sure there are pretty tight controls over who can get these phones, right?  The video below examines the process and criteria for obtaining this wonderful benefit.

The video clearly demonstrates that our society has declined into a full-blown communist system where the entire goal is to get what you can from the government.  Communistic systems are bureaucratic, brutal, controlling, and most of all, corrupt.  Every participant attempts to use the system to maximize their benefit.  This is why you have dependency at the bottom and an extreme level of power and wealth at the higher levels.

In the video, we see that participants take 3, 4, or 5 phones and perhaps even sell them for $20 or $30 when they need cash.  The sales guy doesn't care, he is rewarded to give out as many phones as possible because he only earns when he "sells" the phone.  He doesn't care about qualifying participants and determining if they already receive benefits.  Finally, the cell phone company also wins because they get to bill the taxpayer.  Government program leaders measure the success of the program by counting how many phones are being used, so there is no incentive to crack down on abuse or waste (this is just like the food stamps program by the way).  Government employees are measured in how effective they are at signing people up.  In this system, the only loser if the stupid guy who actually pays his phone bill as he is the one paying for the program.

As I examined my bill last night I really got motivated to write this post.  I am one of the few that still continues to fight the trend and I still retain a home land-line simply for business back-up reasons.  If there were a hurricane, flood, or other emergency, I want to ensure that I have some way to communicate with clients.

Having said that, I will admit that this phone line is barebones and is simply a land line.  The base cost for the monthly service with AT&T is $21.18 a month.  Not expensive, yet not cheap if you think about the fact that this phone is used for 2 or 3 calls a month.

The killer here is that the base cost is not all I am required to pay!  Click on the graphic below and note the details of the bill that includes the surcharges, fees, and taxes.  All in, the "other" expenses total an amazing $12.62 per month!  TAXES AND FEES TOTAL 60% OF THE COST OF THE LINE!!!
Are you kidding?  60% taxes and fees?  This is worse than the taxes for cigarettes, alcohol, or even gasoline!

While the Universal Service Fees for both the state and federal portions are relatively small ($.91 and $.83) they are still adding to a completely insane situation that is clearly out of control.  I am tempted to simply move the number to a service I use that gives me a virtual number and is forwarded to my cell phone.  In a sense, I keep the number and it goes to my other phone.  This costs an all in $5.00 per month.

Finally, when you actually consider that my business requires me to have three cell phones and many other telecom products I find that I am paying a significant amount each month in the form of taxes, charges, and fees.  In total, these charges are well over $100 a month.

In conclusion, watch this last video by Arkansas Congressman Tim Griffin who has tried to pass legislation to clean up the abuse and theft of our money.

So heck, why don't you just get your own, "FREE PHONE TODAY".  The problem with all this free stuff is that it causes us to lose our independence, our ability to foster self reliance, and ultimately, it looks like it has caused us to lose our integrity as well.  There really is a cost for all this free stuff.


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