Friday, October 8, 2010


The equity markets may be off to the races again, but Libor and Euribor rates have been signaling increased distress over the last week.  I've been monitoring these since quarter end and we have seen a distinct move up.  Yes, the move up in rates is tied to concern in Europe over Ireland and the rest of the PIIGS, but you certainly haven't heard much about it in the media.  Here is a snapshot of the rates.  I can't get a full listing of the chart I watch, so please click here for a full run down.  -

Euribor rates

If you pay attention to any of the news all you will hear about is ROBOGATE and the impact on the processing of foreclosures.  Yes, this is an issue and I will write a post about it, but it is just another item being discounted and ignored by the equity markets now.  Dollar devaluation ..... errrr....QE 2 is the savior and this is all the markets are banking on.
Ags are running, metals are running, equities are higher, and yes even bonds are somehow higher!??  These days I feel like it doesn't matter what, it is all going higher.  It's not a waste of time, but God help us if we don't get QE2.

Be Careful!