Thursday, May 27, 2010


Please click on the link here for a MarketWatch article.  I think this guy is more bold in preaching his message than I am even though we are in total agreement.  (Perhaps I have a softer way of speaking?)  It's interesting to read from my perspective because I'm sitting here nodding my head as I review it, but at the same time I am shaking my head saying to myself...."this guy sounds like a whack job!" 

I guess now I know how many people feel when they read this blog.  I do try to balance the information with a good dose of bearishness sprinkled in with a picture of what could be different if I'm wrong.  I also try to highlight trend changes and things that demonstrate that improvements could be coming.

So, this guy doesn't mess around, just drops it in our laps and says get ready.  Personally, I think we have about 10 to 15 days to prepare (meaning market advance higher) and then it begins to crumble in earnest.  This is about the amount of time we've had between flash breakouts of new credit concerns in the Eurozone.  10-15 days is enough to lull one to sleep to get your portfolio blasted..  Don't say we (or the credit markets) didn't warn you.


Oh yes, and if you are thinking that the new "Son of Stimulus" that is being thrown about by the Obama Administration is going to help us, you can think again.  $200 Billion in newly printed, errrr... wasted dollars won't do anything but give some government worker a job for a month or two.