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You are in great hands with Representative Hank Johnson leading the questioning of the NSA Director on domestic surveillance.  It will be interesting to see how the remarks made in this hearing measure up with the facts that are now confirmed in the NSA leak probe.

Oddly, when all things are fleshed out, we'll find that the NSA Director Kieth Alexander probably was telling the truth in some sort of convoluted lawyerish way where the definition of technical capability and "intercepting" was somehow different than what the normal human being understands it to be.  It is clear though in watching the video that Alexander was parsing his words and trying to stick with a specific script and even changing Hank Johnson's questions to fit his narrative.

The young idealist, Edward Snowden did a very brave thing by coming forward with actual documents that provide proof that the NSA does perform many of the things that Hank Johnson asked about in the forum.  Unfortunately for Edward Snowden, he will be pursued not as a whistle-blower, but as a spy and the full force of the government will be used to imprison him.

I think that many young men and women have discovered that President Obama offered them a great hope of Utopian principles but sold them a load of rubbish instead.  This new generation is idealistic and powerfully motivated by the greater good and fairness and emotion.  All of these are wonderful, but they leave them open to being manipulated.  I guess all of society is like that.  Snowden describes the let down when he realized that Obama accelerated the programs that the Bush government created after 9/11.
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I actually had pulled the following story and new video for publishing back in February of 2013, but somehow got distracted and busy, or frankly just didn't want to risk putting this story up.  I guess it is time to give it some attention as it is exactly what Snowden is now confirming with real documents.

William Binney gives us an 8 minute review of the extent of how your government monitors your life and how they attempt to use all of the available data available to them to construct a view of you.


Interesting, this program even mentions the Kieth Alexander interview with Hank Johnson.  As I mentioned above, Director Alexander seemed to be answering every question with framed words to meet some specific way of communicating.  Oddly, since I had watched the video, The Program, I almost thought that everyone in the USA knew that everything we did online, in email, phone, and even with our bank and credit card accounts was monitored.  I guess others didn't.

So, the question really is, will the efforts by the NSA and other government agencies make us safer?  The answer is of course, no.  Perhaps low level attackers that are capable of small attacks might be caught planning things on the internet, but the reality is that larger, smarter attacks will be coordinated well outside the net cast by these guys.  In addition, the huge volume of data of the program makes it harder to actually narrow things down to specific threats.  The Boston bombers are a perfect example as these men should have been monitored, but even after warnings from the Russians, they were somehow able to plan and carryout bloody attacks.  Where was the fruit of all of this surveillance capability?

We are told that when there is a real threat that evidence is brought to a judge with the FISA court and then a warrant for monitoring is either granted or denied based on the merits of the case.  While I'd love to believe this, we have a perfect example in the White House leak probe where the Attorney General LIED to a judge to include the FoxNews reporter, James Rosen, and named him as a co-conspirator in the case!  In otherwords, even our top enforcement agent, Eric Holder, will fabricate facts and twist the scope of a case to get the administrative approval necessary to create and substantiate the legal basis for what they probably already had in the information trove!!!!  Frankly, do you trust the judge to be independent when he is guaranteed a nice pension for life if he does the good work of the "citizens" by allowing the state police to get their paperwork in order?

No, my belief that this program of monitoring is not really for the purpose of protecting us, I can only guess the real purpose, but clearly our civil servants, military, and three branches of government are not functioning in a way to protect citizens from unlawful searches and the growing encroachment of government reach is beyond what probably can be controlled now.


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