Friday, April 29, 2011


I was looking at some charts this afternoon and found this interesting one.  CRM is the symbol for  Yes, it is a software company and therefore it is wonderful!  I looked at adding their products to one of my businesses and found it to be nice looking, but nothing other than a glorified contact manager.  I highly recommend as a substitute.  If you have less than 3 people in your office, guess what..... it is FREE.  Now of course I need it for basic services and I don't manage a pharmaceutical sales force or anything like that, but then again, do you need what you get for the price?

Compare that to the $2,500 a year I was quoted for the CRM services.

Anyway, beyond just CRM has a PE of about 275 or so and seems to me it is a natural trade for a short based on the chart.  They are announcing earnings soon, so know that you are rolling the dice trading in front of that but here are the targets.
Based on the chart, a stop at $140.00 is advisable as anything above that shoots you into a new trend channel.

A target of $123 or $122.50 would be nice to place to cover.

Be careful!