Monday, May 3, 2010


I was asked to give a speech last week to some Christian Business Owners on the impact of Healthcare Reform. I've had some techincal difficulties posting the actual slideshow here on my blog, so I made a pdf available and Tim Knight at Slope of Hope posted it for me this weekend. As usual, please check out Tim's site if you are in any way interested in trading, it is great stuff.

The talk was well received however I discerned that there is so much frustration in people that they feel like they have no voice and they are angry. Each person that posed a question really needed an outlet to vent. In fact, the majority of the questions were rhetorical.

I've tried to position this presentation in an even handed fashion where we examine the good stuff about the bill and point out the things that need improvement. At the end of the day no one will argue that the current system doesn't really stink. Unfortunately I still have not heard anything that convinces me that we can come close to paying a portion of the future liability we are signing up for.

Face it, if I wasn't concerned about the future cost and long term fiscal solvency of my family I would drive new cars every year, live in a house that was 5 times larger, trade for a living, write a blog, and take two week vacations in Paris and blame it on a volcano. However, I am pragmatic and focused on reality therefore I weigh the risk and the cost of each purchase.

Our government's leadership does not possess the same value system that I do and this is why this program is doomed never to make financial sense. When we raise taxes and add a VAT it still will not be enough to meet the future obligations created in this plan.

Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to have insurance and be healthy, I just want someone to show me the money!

Download Goatmug-HealthReformActSummary-4.29

The presentation was divided into two parts. The first 18 slides were the subject matter in my talk, the remaining 40 slides provide details about the timeline of implementation and highlights the provisions as they are scheduled which I did not have time to cover. - I did not include the additional slides here, but I will attempt to make them available on along with the actual vocal commentary when I post it on You Tube.