Friday, August 6, 2010


Well once again we are provided another slug of data from our friends in the food stamps program.  All the recovery our President is telling us we are seeing obviously hasn't dribbled down to those that require assistance for food and diapers and other necessities.  Of course this data comes from May, but weren't we told to expect a turnaround somewhere?  Perhaps it will come next month......(holding breath now).

As you have already read the weekly jobless claims were remarkably worse than expected and didn't produce the number of new jobs we were anticipating.  I guess we need more folks our there caulking homes and weatherizing them so we can get our houses all green and stuff.

While we wait for next month's improvement here is a nice little chart which shows how much better things are getting.

May 2010  Highlights   
40,800,000 people participating
18.9 million households
$5.45 Billion in annual costs
$289 cost per household