Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Just in case you were thinking about buying some bitcoins, perhaps it is the father of lies and temptation who is the source of your wandering thoughts.....

Bitcoin seems to be under attack from governments, hackers, and the corporate-types as Apple un-approved the bitcoin app this week as well.  Could AAPL or GOOG be ready to enter with their own crypto-currency like a Googlecoin?  We all know that corporations and government are tied pretty closely, could a special request have come from .gov to shut down apple user access to bitcoin?  We probably won't know, but it hasn't been a good week for bitcoin as it suffered a flash crash.  I hadn't owned any, but on the crash, I picked up my first .5 BTC just for grins.  I'm still in the money but the screen shot of the Bitstamp Exchange is a little scary.

FYI, Obamacare's enrollment is about to come to an end (unless the deadline is changed) and I'll be back to posting with regularity.  Sorry for the absence, just can't handle the volume and maintain the posts.


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