Friday, December 17, 2010


As a young goat I wanted to do many things in life such as the following;

Climb Mt Everest (Not yet)
Fly in a military jet and take the controls (Check)
Manage a billions dollars in a portfolio (Check)
Go to the Air Force Academy (No Political Connections)
Be related to Bruce Lee (Not a chance according to

I've only achieved two of the preceding five life goals.  Of the remaining three here is the outlook for completion; 
Unfortunately the same situation exists as when I applied in high school for the Air Force Academy - I still don't know any Senators.  I still hold on to the goal of climbing Everest, but I've watched those shows on the Discovery Channel about 10 times and I'm not sure if the high chance of literally freezing to death and/or going blind is worth the ability to say I did it.  Finally, alas, I don't think that I have any Asian relatives so that probably won't happen. 

Having reflected on these items, very few of my readers know that Goatmug is a huge fan of mixed martial arts (hence the need to be related to Bruce Lee).  Last evening there was an incredible fight that made me wish I was young again to have the ability to train as a mixed martial arts fighter.  Anthony Pettis showed me how cool it would be to be a real life ninja!  This fight was amazing and was tied two rounds each.  Each man had looked dominant and each man was also very much outmatched at times.  The battle was a toss up going into the last minute of action.  At the end of the contest where it is very much even, fighters often take the easy road and refrain from taking risks and allow others (judges) to decide the victor.  Anthony Pettis decided to use a different approach and attempted to seize the moment and the championship in a breath-taking display of athleticism and creativity.  Somehow Ben Henderson survives the fight and remained conscious.  Check out what the Goat would do if he was young again.

By the way, I've often wondered where the love of boxing and MMA came from and I think it was from all the experiences growing up watching boxing with my step-father.  He took me to many fights and we watched hundreds on television (before HBO came along).  The most memorable fight I went to was when some of the members of the 1984 Olympic Boxing Team came to my home town and fought.  I specifically remember Pernell Whitaker fought.  What a great experience!  Remember, that team also had Evander Holyfield and Tyrell Biggs.

Be Careful!