Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I think it is clear that the election is important, yet I get a depressed feeling when I see the two candidates trade jabs and lie to each other and this country.  The false choice that each present is quite clear as Romney agreed with Obama throughout the evening, illustrating how it doesn't really matter who you choose.

Before you make a bunch of comments that suggest that I am one sided, negative, or simply misinformed, I'd interject that Obama is actually quite like Bush and in fact more bellicose than I would have ever expected given his pacifist words.  Likewise, Bush shocked us all when he went soft on immigration and attempted to do amnesty light and ran up tremendous deficits and grew government.    Ultimately, we have to identify the men and women behind the scenes like Karl Rove or David Axlerod that set the agenda and create the platform for Presidents to stand upon.

To lighten my mood I've provided this nifty little video that I've had in the queue for a while.  This post has nothing to do with any market related topics and is simply here to make me laugh at how humans are just entertaining.

The guy in the video is a CEO and founder of a Korean company.  Unfortunately I've heard his business skill is not as good as his singing, dancing, and video production.

The DJIA is down 250 points as I'm typing after Dupont, UPS, and 3M reported poor earnings.  It seems that the safe-haven dividend paying multi-nationals are being taken to the woodshed.  It is possible that a major sector rotation is now underway.  FB reports after the close and AAPL (who is responsible for almost 95% of the gains for the entire SPX for this year) is going to unveil an I-Pad Mini (who cares). I don't think either of these two events will revive the markets today.   Ultimately, no matter which candidate gets elected the increase in tax rates bodes very poorly for the stock market and so you need to begin crafting your equity exit post election or pre-New Year.


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