Tuesday, October 9, 2012


UPDATE - 1:45 EST - MISSION ABORTED - I will keep you updated.  See the disappointment on Felix's face.

Today, we can witness an attempt to break a 50 year old record.  Later this afternoon, Felix Baumgartner will free fall from 120,000 feet (23 miles) in a quest to achieve four milestones.

1)  Felix will break the sound barrier (record is 614 mph)
2)  Jump from the highest altitude ever - previous record is 102,000 feet
3)  Eclipse the longest free fall time of 4 minutes and 36 seconds.
4)  Felix will also shatter records by having the highest blood caffeine content ever recorded as Red Bull is the sponsor for this attempt and he has been receiving Red Bull via IV for the last 24 hours (ok, I made that up, but it sounds good).

The entire jump and process will be shown live.  Watch the amazing attempt here...


Space capsule
Here is an image from businessinsder of the capsule he'll use to get to altitude.

In the same spirit that Felix attempts his feat, I wish we could find a brave politician that would lead us on a quest to spend less and save more, cut expenses, grow manufacturing, and destroy special interest lobbying in Washington.  Unfortunately, Romney or Obama are not the leaders that yearn to achieve these great feats.  It seems the debate has thrown the political contest on its ear and I now find myself interested in watching the race closely although I feel strongly that there will be little meaningful difference between candidates and final outcomes no matter who is elected.

Ultimately, I feel like this is the Republican's last shot at Presidential governance and we only have to look at Venezuela to see why.  While it seemed that there would be almost no way that Hugo Chavez would be elected, he was.  I have no doubt that there was fraud, but there was also a very powerful force working as well.  This power was the power of promises to care for and provide and gift government largess to poorer people.  Chavez' socialist system continued to buy votes and votes and more votes.  It takes a mature person to vote against receiving free stuff to see that there might be a greater growth and good in the future.  It is hard to recognize that governments involvement in the social system often will destroy incentive and lowers the economic benefit for the entire country.  Unfortunately, I think we (the US) sit on the precipice just like Felix Baumgartner will later today.  The US is so close to tipping into the Socialist abyss where the 47% Romney mentioned grows to 50% and more and the message of self reliance and greater opportunity are easily replaced with government care and compassion and fairness.

I keep hearing more and more that the market is primed for a big sell off.  The more I hear that, the more I don't believe it.  I felt much better about that theory when everyone was bullish, but now, everyone is just waiting for the correction.  I will update more with a post on the markets tomorrow, until then, enjoy the live feed of Felix getting his caffeine high on and exceeding 614 miles per hour.


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