Monday, November 1, 2010


I want to drop a quick note here.  This is a really, really, really big week. 

We have elections in the US for mid term positions where it is widely anticipated that voters will reject the unfettered spending of the current administration, Congress, and Senate.  (Don't forget Bush was also a complete idiot when it came to fiscal controls too and should be held responsible for his completely insane implementation of Medicare Part D which is the worst and costliest entitlement program ever!)

Probably more important from a market and economic standpoint we also have a Federal Reserve FOMC meeting on Wednesday.  This is the meeting where Ben Bernanke has purposely timed the unveiling of their plans for additional stimulus spending which has been named "QE2" for Quantitative Easing 2.  The purpose of this program is to continue to spew liquidity in the form of electronic dollars all over the global economy to ensure that asset prices will rise.   As Alan Greenspan has stated, "nothing will help cure the economic conditions as much as a rising stock market!"  The real impact of all of this money sloshing around though is that the value of the dollar drops with each keystroke on the economic printing press.  QE2 is synonymous with dollar debasement.

Is it a wonder why you are going to see grocery costs rise?  Sugar, wheat, corn, rice, and coffee are rocketing higher.  Clothes prices are going to rip higher as cotton is at an all time high.  Oil and gas are vaulting upwards and it is suddenly possible to see my $100 oil price target prediction actually be met this year.  We are seeing all of these hard goods increase in cost, yet personal incomes are dropping.  If you hadn't realized it yet, it is almost like this is a war on the poor as these are the ones that will get squeezed the most in this environment.  Thank you Federal Reserve, US Treasury, and President Obama.  It is odd that the President sits idly by as the Fed rips up and destroys the purchasing power of the poor and the middle class.  I guess this achieves his goals though as more and more marginally middle class will slip into poverty and he can be their benevolent care-taker.  He can continue to promise to take from the wealthy and give the poor their fair share of hope.  The President should be slamming Bernanke and Geithner now and demanding that they quit destroying the value of the dollar.  Instead, he tells us that he inherited this mess and that fixes take time.  Very directly Mr. President, it takes no time to make a phone call and demand that Bernanke quit this now! 

Ok, so what do I expect?  I expect that the elections will be exactly what has been predicted.  Congress will go to the Republicans and the Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats.  The Fed will announce that they will do another $500 Billion of QE 2 and they are going to add more when and as needed with no cap.  This announcement will be less than the markets expect, but the added sentence that they will do more when needed will be somewhat of a life preserver.  The market should sell off some 3% to 5% (individual stocks could go down 10% or more).  At that point, that will be the signal to buy.  The Fed is essentially the market's put (floor) and therefore they will step in and buy and float this thing no matter what.  In a 1930's analog, this is about the time when the market dropped another 30% to 40% because the FED did not provide stimulus and Congress became budget hawkish and tried to reign in spending.  Bernanke will not make this mistake and in fact will go overboard attempting to overwhelm the stagnant real economy.  This annoucement is half the real deal and half a promise that there is no end to the intent to provide as much massive stimulus as needed.  He will signal with overwhelming confidence that there is no lack of desire or willingness to blow as much money as need to reflate the US stock market.

After the temporary drop in the market due to a smaller than expected stated amount, we will be buying anticipating a huge stimulus inflow courtesy of the Fed.  Of course our old favorites will be the targets with a couple of additions.  I still like emerging markets, but I will add SLV and DBA.  I am more positive on silver than gold right now and I like the agriculture commodities.  In addition, although the fertilizer names have run it is possible to see an even bigger move there.

Be careful ------ AND WAIT FOR THE PULLBACK!