Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Obviously the Middle East situation is serious and all the countries in the region are using the Palestinians as their tool to achieve their goals.  The recent use of rockets by Hamas is said to be at the prompting of Syria and Iran in an attempt to draw more blood in the region and complicate any move to remove Assad from power.

Israel needs to respond strongly in this situation to achieve their own political motivation as there is an election coming and PM Netanyahu must strengthen his position and solidify his support amongst rival political parties.

Egypt's new leadership will play a familiar set of cards where they blame Israel and make every effort to make its neighbor's life hard.  Why take ownership and responsibility for how you lead your country when you can create a distraction about how evil the people are in the country across the way?   We are beginning to see the delicate balance that the Muslim Brotherhood must walk where they have very strong ideological feelings on one side, but the harsh reality of actual war on the other.  In a sense, the radical Egyptian leadership suddenly sees how difficult it is to really rule and manage tough situations.  The good news is that at this point they haven't gone "all in" nutso like Syria and Iran and still value life somewhat and their hate of Israel isn't strong enough for them to sacrifice the lives of their people for their ideas.  The bad news is that for decades we haven't had to worry about the level of fanaticism in Egypt, but now we do.

Hamas, is well, Hamas where they will gladly shoot off thousands of rockets and bring retaliation on their people all in the name of "struggle" which is actually simply a tool to reinforce their power within the Gaza strip.  They make political calculations and gamble with the lives of innocent civilians knowing that their attacks will result in the deaths of many of their own.

If the situation in Israel and the Middle East wasn't so dangerous, it would be funny.

Here is a perspective on Hamas you should see.


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