Monday, September 10, 2012


Gold, silver, and pretty much all commodities have been on a tear recently.  I had updated a post several weeks ago mentioning that silver was a strong buy and thought that we might see resistance at $31.50.  I never posted that post here on the blog, but put it up on Tim's blog .  I suggest you visit his site daily.  Anyway, the title of that post was POUR SOME MONEY ON ME - SILVER UPDATE from August 12th.  In the post I suggested that everyone was supportive of the Fed that is supportive of the policies that will push silver and other commodities higher.  With unlimited bond buying promises from the ECB and a Fed meeting on the 13th, the commodities markets went into overdrive and quickly blew through all previous areas of overhead trouble.

Levels on SLV to watch now include $35.50 and $42.50.  Please note, I used SLV, not silver in this chart!

Finally, enjoy this bullish video from Frank Holmes and Jonathan Barratt as they discuss the outlook for gold, silver, wheat, and other commodities.

Key things to watch this week are the German High Court ruling on the legality of the ECB bond-buying actions (Wednesday) and on the 13th, the Fed will come out an stimulate us again.


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