Thursday, November 8, 2012


Our country's voters (and probably a few voters that are not from our country) have cast their ballots and re-elected Barack Obama.  I am not shocked by the outcome of the election, although I did think that Romney might win the popular vote only to lose the electoral college vote, so the end result is the same.

How did we get here?  I'll list a few major themes that allowed Conservatives and Republican's to lose another major election.

1)  Republican's selected a John Kerry-like candidate for their man.  As wonderful and honest a man as Romney is, he is a Boston RINO from the upper crust of society.  He is soft spoken, cultured, and totally dry.  Poor people and minorities would not give this guy a chance simply because he is typical "white guy" that hates them or doesn't understand them in their view.  Romney could give 100% of his annual earnings to charity and the poor and this would only reinforce to them that "rich whitey" has so much money he didn't even need it.  While we don't want to say it, many of the religious right and the African American religious did not support Romney because Mormanism is perceived as a cult.  It was not until mid October when the Rev. Billy Graham endorsed him that some Evangelicals came into the fold, but I am sure this was an issue for more than a few people.

2)  Republican's are not conservative.  The Republican machine did a pretty good job of co-opting the Tea Party movement in 2010 and essentially neutralizing the threat of those wacky tea-party people.  Right-wing conservatives are waking up to the fact that the Republican party is very similar to the Democrat party on 90% of the issues with the exception of three social issues.  These issues are immigration, sexual orientation, and sex/life issues.  While the Republican's all speak a ton about fiscal control and limiting the size of government, they somehow don't think that applies to two major things as they end each sentence with, "We'll never cut defense spending and don't tax the wealthy".  So, effectively they don't believe in reducing government or fiscal control.   Real conservatives are tired of this bull and the facade that Republicans are their party is falling apart.

3)  47% is really closer to 51%.  Romney said some pretty politically incorrect things when he was video taped speaking to wealthy donors.  The only real issue with what he said was it was correct.  The unfortunate truth is that the demographics are really worse than the 47% he spoke about and we are now entering a stage where I believe it will not be easy to reverse.  When almost 1/2 of the electorate relies on government for some sort of service or income, it is difficult to sell them that "free stuff is not a good thing".  Obama has used the economic crisis to increase dependency and the future is very bleak for politicians that promise austerity and cuts to bring the US fiscal house into order.  Right now, Republicans are saying we'll cut your benefits and Democrats are casting them as evil and promising more help.  If you were the 50% of American's on some sort of government program or service, who would you support?  Another strike against the Republicans is that this 50% is the only group that is growing (having kids or coming across the border).  Hispanics, African Americans, and others have birth rates that far exceed those of conservative whites.  This growing group of voters will clearly vote for candidates and policies that force the wealthy to support them.

4)  Social issues need to frankly go away in the Republican talking points.  Yes, conservatives love to talk about how they hate abortion, gay marriage, and other moral high-ground issues, the problem is that the US is no longer moral.  Our country is a collection of people that simply desire to distract themselves with sex, sexual expression, drug use, and technological distraction.  As long as they are "satisfied" with cheap food, a home, electronics like cable tv, games, and computer access, a sexual partner, and transportation their basic needs are met.  The secularization of America simply means they don't care what God says and they feel they have no right to judge that gay guy or child molester as long as it doesn't bother them.  Anything goes in the US today as long as it doesn't interfere with Joe 6 Pack's time in front of the toob or on his IPAD.  If the Republican's want to win, they must drop the social platform and simply answer every question about social issues with the following statement, "My personal view on XXX doesn't have anything to do with government, I think we need to concentrate on making the government smaller and more efficient and getting American's jobs.  The bigger government is, the more it crowds out the private sector.  Next question."  Until the Republicans master this statement, they will be doomed to run out a bunch of vanilla candidates that often times will be found as adulterers and will lose every election.

Now my fellow Christians might be offended that I am saying to repress my/our thoughts on social issues that are sin and an abomination in the eyes of God, but I will state emphatically that we must know the real state of the country we live in and realize that we will never have elected officials win positions of power with our current approach.  Our children have been fed daily doses of inclusiveness and have been told that all people deserve to win even if they don't make an effort.  Even in children's sports we award the worst team a trophy encouraging poor results and essentially reducing the accomplishments of the winners.  Kids are told they are told to never discern between right or wrong as wrong might be "right" for those people.  The liberal agenda has been successful in destroying the moral fiber in much of the United States and it is getting worse.  Those kids that have been the target of this re-education are now voting!.  My point here is simply that real conservatives need to focus on the issues that will put them in power, after election they can then attempt to change the tide of moral bankruptcy as leaders.

5)  Finally, the Republican's didn't win women.  As crazy as it sounds Democrats did a great job of painting Romney (and all Republicans) as monsters that don't want to let them have contraception or abortions.  Think about this just how low our country has fallen when a single issue defines if a person votes for a candidate..  For younger women the election hinged on who would allow them to get the pill and abortions so they could have sex without consequences!!!!  When this is as far as our female voters think, we really are in trouble.  Once again, this issue underscores that voters are now more concerned with their own welfare and pleasure than that of the country.  The Declaration of Independence states that we are endowed with the Right of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.  We now are a nation that believes we have a right to Free Food, Free Healthcare, Free Homes, Free Phones, and Judgement Free Pleasure.  Notice that I used the word FREE not Pursuit.  The issue for the Republican party here is that they need to address the economic situation of these women and leave the moral choices out of the political arena.  Telling women that they cannot have birth control will not endear themselves to the new voting women.

6)  I planned to end this post here, but I'll state what I've thought since last election in 2008.  I am proud that my country elected Obama as our first half-black man to the office of President.  Race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will tell you that our country is terrible and that racism in this country is pervasive, but clearly that isn't true as we would never have elected Obama had that been the case.  A huge group of white women and white young people re-elected President Obama this cycle.  Frankly in my mind, it is simply more supportive of the fact that the US is not racist as we elected President Obama twice.  It is hard not to argue one single thing though, that African American people are racist.  Exit pooling data suggests that black voters voted 12:1 for Obama, meaning that only about 8% of African American voters went for the other guy.  That is pretty much block voting and that suggests to me group-think rather than individual assessment and analysis.  Group think is essentially racism.  My contention here is simple, that black voters voted based on the color of the candidate and not based on the merits, skills, talent, experience, or the record of the two people.  Perhaps it is like Obama said, it was revenge, but I've never seen revenge work out well for anyone involved.  Ultimately African-American unemployment is higher than it was 4 years ago and I see very little that this President has done to improve conditions for our minorities except promise them help.  Republicans better find a minority candidate that will appeal to African-American voters or else they will remain on the outside looking in if African Americans continue to vote based on color.  You might counter and simply say that Republicans just don't address or represent the issues that blacks are concerned about, but I'd simply say, till we have a viable African American candidate we'll never know.

To wrap this up, I've considered this election cycle to be entertaining and revealing.  I still believe that no matter who would have won, the US is in a terrible situation and the financial consequences for our collective irresponsibility will hit home very hard in the next four years.  The reality is that the winner of this election is/was going to be a big loser and receive the blame for the "big one" that is coming.  Perhaps Romney will be grateful that he didn't win as the situation unfolds.

Continue to watch the Middle East as this win puts Israel in a position that it is alone and now will act in a fashion as a person that feels cornered and unsupported.

The election of President Obama bodes well for gold and silver as Bernanke now has received a clear mandate to continue what he does best.  I also like gasoline here and am actually buying UGA.


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