Friday, January 28, 2011


I found this video today and it captures why Amerika is so great.  On a day where the market was down for the first time in 2 months and the Middle East is burning, this is certainly something I needed to make me realize the greatness of the US.  Only Americans with all their ingenuity and witty sarcasm could put such a masterpiece together.  As I mentioned in the post about Inflation Bombs earlier this week, the seeds we are planting are growing into a nasty fruit called unrest in emerging nations.  Yes, there were underlying problems of unemployment, corruption, and horrible governments, but the inflation Ben Bernanke has spewed throughout the world in the form of commodity inflation (FOOD!).  Nothing gets a citizen more angry and desperate as starvation and the thought of not being able to afford food for your children.  You are willing to die to change drastic situations once your kids can't eat.

If you weren't in touch with the severity of the situation you need to be.  Egyptians rioted violently and the upheaval has spread to Jordan too.  I can't doubt that this will come to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other countries.  If a large nation-state falls the reigns of power will be taken up by radicals such as those in Syria led by Hezbollah.  The danger here is that if this change of control happens in Egypt the world could face serious destabilization in the Suez Canal which is the major oil transport route in the world.  Give these guys power over the Canal and you'll make Kim Jong Il look like a child.


Still can't believe they didn't use all of my favorite line in this movie - I still can't believe it.

" I gotta give you your dream shot! I'm gonna send you up against the best. You two characters, are going to Top Gun. For five weeks, you'll be flying against the best fighter pilots in the world. You were number two, Cougar was number one. Cougar lost it-turned in his wings."