Tuesday, July 1, 2014


The US tries to keep hope alive, very much like this market.  Utilities, munis, corporate bonds, and treasuries have all been big winners so far through 6 months.  The SP500 is up around 5% and the Dow is up around 2%.  All in all, not much has happened, but a slow grind higher in the midst of a world ripping itself apart due to our leadership deficit in so many places.  Its a good thing the US soccer team has a great coach and so do we as Janet Yellen stands at the helm, guiding us ever so gently in a ZIRP environment.

Here's just a few charts I look at daily.  Near the end I've highlights stocks I've watched, bought, missed, or feel like there may be opportunities in soon.

XLU - Why not utilities?  Utilities must be signaling that rising interest rates are pretty much a myth and will never happen.


APA - Energy Sector has had an awesome run, is this starting to tire?

ARCP - Looks constructive now.

COP  - Overbought?  Each of those recent peaks in RSI have resulted in short term pullbacks.  Traders may want to exit and buy again on any weakness

EWY - Emerging Markets finally coming back?

FB - A run into earnings.... exit a day or two before they announce?

FCX - Who knows what the cost of production is/was for gold and silver, but as gold hit $1250, the destruction of gold, silver, metals, and miners suddenly stopped.  FCX has had a nice run since hitting $30 with a unexplained pop today taking it above $37.

IXN - This etf has been a long-time powerful winner.  Short term looks a bit overbought.

JBLU - Finally breaking out.  Look at the RSI at the top showing overbought.

There is some risk here of a reversal and fall to mid 50's.

KMI - Nice run.  Is there still momentum to move higher?

KRE - US Regional banks are certainly nicer than European banks.  It looks like there is room to go 5% higher at least.

SLW - Momentum is here.  The 14 Week MA crossed over the 40 Week.  This is a significant longer term signal suggesting continued upward pricing.

VTR - We need a bounce here.  VTR is extremely tied to longer term bond yields.  The 4% dividend yield is nice.


AAPL - APPLE - Probably goes to $100.  Probably should wait on this one as risk/reward set up isn't great.

 DUK -DUKE ENERGY - Utilities are all the rage.  A possible breakout as the higher-highs and higher lows just keep coming.

Will the evil gold cartels and traders allow gold to continue to rise?  COT report shows large increase in commercial shorts, probably doesn't bode well for gold, unless some geo-political shock comes to light.... we haven't had any of those lately have we?

GILD - GILEAD - Hard to buy here, but this should be a strong earnings report and the rebound has been impressive.

GMT - GATX CORP - Railcar leasing seems simple enough.  

GOOGL - GOOGLE - Same risk / reward trade off as AAPL, however I think GOOGL is better than AAPL.

INTC - INTEL - Strong breakout.  INTC seems to have its swagger back.  Any pullback can be bought.

HAL - HALIBURTON - Energy anyone?  Too late to buy here.

MSFT - MICROSOFT - Remember when we could have bought at $26 on its way to $30.  I think this is a hold and not a buy. 

OXY - OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM - Wait for a pullback and confirm price action.  This has run a long, long way.

O - REALTY INCOME - The leader in long-term triple net leases.  I like the action here and has a nice dividend.


SCCO - SOUTHERN COPPER - Nice chart, would have like to buy on the bounce.  Is housing going to slow?

Stocks have run quite a bit.  I like Realty Income, Gilead, and GATX Corp, and possible AAPL with an eye toward earnings.  Otherwise, energy has been unstopple, it just seems hard to buy now.

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