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As we wait for a critical vote on austerity measures from Greece I wanted to share a few revelations I've had.  Before getting there, let me state emphatically that it doesn't matter if this 5 year austerity plan is approved, there will be another restructuring and another one and ultimately Greece will default on its creditors.  In addition, this same charade will be played out on the stage of each peripheral EU country for sometime. 


A)  I have written several times and thought often more that Greeks brought this on themselves through over the top pensions and union handouts.  (They did, but I am realizing that the Greeks did in fact bring this on themselves because they did not have control over their corrupt leaders who made decisions to bury their country in debt and use the spoils to enrich political allies and powerful interests.)  (Sound familiar?)

B)  Greece must choose default and essentially already has.  In life there are truly very few zero-sum games (fortunately!), but in this instance we have one.  At the present time by implementing austerity measures, Greek politicians have chosen to saddle their citizens with debt that is unpayable by any stretch of the imagination.  They have elected restrictions and tax increases and cuts that remove all doubt that they have defaulted on their citizens.  It is striking and mind blowing that a leader doesn't stand up and say no more!

C)  Oddly, the Fed's policies may cause yet another amazing uprising.  Think of the Fed as an extension or the same entity as the ECB or the IMF and World Bank.  These entities really are servant representatives of the largest of banks in the world.  Overtime these banks have extended loan upon loan to the Greeks and even helped them lie and hide financial truths in order to qualify for membership in the EU (Goldman Sachs).  Now that Greece has its back to the wall with an undeniable problem with unpayable debt, we may see the citizenry of Greece finally say, "enough is enough".  Can you imagine an entire nation facing hardships where the poorest of the poor cannot afford basic necessities and then our Fed is directly ramping up inflation globally?  While Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, and Syrians were trying to cast off the yokes of oppression in their Arab Spring, Greeks are looking to cast off the chains of economic oppression and slavery.

Please watch this video.  I understand that it is over an hour long, but I think your perspective will be changed by watching it.  In fact, I will go out on a limb and suggest that this is probably one of the best hours you can spend this year.  I am a pretty hard line conservative capitalistic guy, and this film was clearly made with a liberal point of view, but the truth is undeniable.  The leaders at the top of the global economic banking institutions are playing for keeps and willing to win at all costs.  This film shows the destruction that is caused by men in suits using corrupt local leaders to enrich the super rich.

There are so many powerful items in this film.

Can it be true that where ever the IMF has lent money, the life expectancy of the population declines?

"You can have freedom but no sovereignty."  Wow, that really is it isn't it.  When you owe so much you become so indebted to your masters that you essentially have been conquered with a bank ledger.  You are told how to spend your money, who to buy things from, and what you will be allowed to do for your people.  This is about control, power, and wealth.  The Fed, IMF, World Bank, and ECB have used Greece's desires and corruption against them to make them economic vassals.  Any real leader would have no choice but to cast off the chains of bondage.  Greek PM George Papandreou is clearly not the leader to stand for his people, do Greeks have a hero?

Oddly enough, if the Greeks resist they could make the global financial system shake if they have the courage to do what it right.

When watching this movie constantly ask yourself if the US is any different?  How do we citizens express and exert control over our politicians and their spending?  What are we getting for our borrowing?  What power do we have to stop the borrowing of money and the subsequent allocations of the proceeds to giant corporations?  How can we even arrest the progress down this slippery slope when companies and paid lawyers write the laws our Congress passes?  Could we ever see Americans so frustrated and broken that they rise up like those in Ecuador or Argentina?  Are Americans just too fat and asleep to notice that we too are being shackled to unpayable obligations for the benefits of others?  Unfortunately I am pessimistic and scared of the answers we'd receive if we were brave enough to ask them.


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  1. 30 year Greek bond is the latest trial balloon.
    You write very well.
    Will try the video, perhaps listen in at week's end.


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