Monday, December 13, 2010


The NFLX short I highlighted the other day just keeps getting better.  While I have a tendency to make quick profits and run, I saw this interview this morning where Daniel Ernst of Hudson Square Research simply has a view of NFLX that many don't.  His price target for the firm is $75.

During the interview he highlights three of his reasons for hating the stock - and none of them include the higher cost of responsibility for paying for the heavy weight data they are forcing through the internet pipes.  He gets more leeway than normal for a bear on CNBC, I wish he spoke faster so he could have been able to share his 4th reason for hating the movie vendor.

I'm am now officially out of this position for a very big and wonderful gain in just a few days.  As usual, if you are foolish enough to buy a stock (or short it) based on something some blogger writes, you are nuts!  This information is educational and for your entertainment, not so you can blow up your accounts!  As a trader I have made lots of money and lost a heck of a lot too over the years.  If you don't understand risk and know how to control losses you don't need to purchase anything in this rigged stock market (or bond market for that matter).  There is a pretty good chance at $179 and perhaps $165 that NFLX bounces hard.  If that happens, I'll be tempted to reshort, but until then it feels good to have profits in the account.



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