Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Ever wonder what happens when there is a believable threat of government intervention into a market?  I took a trip to the local sporting goods store the other day to ensure I have ample supplies for the coming zombie apocalypse.  As I reviewed my list, I discovered I was a bit short on stores of ammo for my soon-to-be outlawed Glock 23 with a 13 round magazine.

As I wandered over to the ammunition isle I was "shocked" to find that the shelves of the store were bare and void of any .40 caliber shells.  It is simply disturbing to think that all those gun nuts out there  are swarming stores to get themselves stockpiles of lethal lead and copper.

I found out also that when and if the store receives new shipments, they will limit the purchase to one box of 50 shells per customer.

So, in God's greatest nation on earth you may have the right to bear arms, you just won't be able to fill it up with any projectiles.



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  1. This only goes to show, that many many Americans know something is just not quite right in Hooverville, despite the red white & blue, wonder bread palapalooza, POTUS coronation we witnessed yesterday.

  2. Hi Goatmug...
    Been reloading for years, although recently decided to give it up... (of course, that was when ammo was still plentiful, if not always cheap - so I may reconsider...)
    That said, I've got ~plenty~ of ammo, including 40S&W, so ~if~ we should ever cross paths, you're golden... ;-)


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