Thursday, August 2, 2012


Below are a selection of dividend paying stock charts I have been watching.  I have included few comments and NO annotations on the charts.  Many of them have run and run and run to new highs and you'd think we were in the midst of a huge bull market.  As we've said for 2 years and it is reinforced daily, if the Fed makes corporate bonds, CDs, and treasuries pay nothing, they will force investors into riskier assets.  Dividend paying stocks just happen to be the beneficiary of that tsunami of money.  Will it continue?  Probably, despite record negative sentiment in the market.

Macro trends continue to slow and worsen with transports showing us that the global economy is suffering.

Here are the charts - notice how many of them are themed for recession-proof industries like telecom, pharma, and consumer staples.  There are some other plays based on food shortages/inflation and crop planting issues.  Finally, since the focus is yield, I've added some other stuff for examination.


 T - AT&T

KMB - Kimberly Clark

 JNJ - Johnson & Johnson

XLV - Healthcare

ABT - Abbott Labs

MRK - Merck

GSK - GlaxoSmithKline

CVX - Chevron

MO - Altria

PM - Philip Morris


TNH - Terra Nitrogen

AGU - Agrium

CF - CF Industries

MON - Monsanto

DD - Dupont

MTP - MLP & Strategic Equity Fund (closed end)

JNK - High Yield Bond ETF

LQD - Corporate Bond ETF

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