Friday, July 15, 2011


Just an update on some things to keep you in the loop and some reminders.

I've made quite an effort to post everyday to try to keep readers coming back.  Thank you so much for coming, we are now seeing more than 100 visitors to the site daily (yes, I come here 50 times as I've confessed), but you other 50 keep it up.  I really enjoy writing when I know someone will read it!

If you like an article, please don't be shy, click that +1 at the bottom.  I've read lots of stories on web indexing and this I guess should be quite helpful to continue to get the Goatmug Blog more exposure.  I'd do it, but for some reason they don't let me!  You'll see the +1 icon right after the post, just click it if you like it!

If you find an interesting ad to the right, please click on it.  I'm interested to see how that works out.  I am trying to change the subject matter of the ads as usually there are a bunch of foreign exchange trading ads.  I'm not sure how many forex traders are reading this, but heck, click those ads anyway.  I think I'm up to $40 in lifetime revenue!

Last shameless plug.  If you know you are going to buy something from Amazon, please use our search box on the top right of the blog to do it.  Someone last month downloaded a bunch of songs by searching for them through the search box, and I appreciate that.  If you own a Kindle or want to buy a computer, or anything, please start at the Goatmug Blog and then enter in a key word in the search box.  I've seen some cool and weird stuff bought through the site (and no, I can't tell who did it) so it is at least amusing to see what kind of consumers you guys are when I see the report!

Thanks again for supporting me by stopping by the blog.


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