Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ok, just another thing to keep an eye on. The AAII sentiment indicator was updated and we now see that as of 11/6/09, investors are getting very bullish. Keep watching the dollar. Just like on a boat, if everyone is on the same side of the boat, something bad may happen. Although this data is delayed by 1 week, we must be watchful.

The chart shows a dip down to 30 in sentiment. A dip to 30% or lower indicates everyone is too bullish!

There are some issues with the size of this chart and its display. I purposefully imbedded it too large so you can see a clean picture. Click on the image to see it in its true size.


  1. In the history of this great country, there will never ever be a bear market again; Goldman CEO's just said he's doing the "God's work" and together with this magician called Bernanke which defies all economic laws, we are on the track of infinite wealth here. I love it!

  2. as i read this i don't really understand whats going on but,love it too.


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