Friday, August 14, 2009

Initial Blog - Thanks for visiting

My goal in blogging is to create a forum to post my ideas that is easily accessible to friends and family. As many of you know, I watch the commodity, equity, and bond markets daily and actually write up an analysis monthly for my benefit. I actually take the steps to complete a written one page summary to hold myself accountable and to create a track record for myself. It is often easy to recall all of the great calls you make, but we never seem to remember the missteps. Oddly enough in life, we often learn most from our mistakes. The monthly posts will be an easy way for me to compile my analysis and draw longer term conclusions from historical log they create.

My hope is that you will read my comments and analysis and you will avoid loss, make great profit, and constantly learn. Futher, I hope that you can read deeper into the writings and find out who I am and how much I care for you and your family (even if I have never met you). Ultimately, you need to know that I believe that I am called by the Lord, Jesus to act to warn those around me of the dangers in which we live. Many would be shocked to know that our economic system was extremely close to collapsing in 2008 and early 2009. I helped many avoid significant losses during those times and continue to warn that our economic trouble is not over.

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